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Leak Detection

There is a whole range of possible causes for leaks in swimming pools and they can vary depending on the pool type.

Some common ones are. Broken plumbing pipes, unglued joints on plumbing pipes. Any penetrations through the pool shell, light conduits, light housing mounts, light dress rings, main drain buckets, Hydrostatic valves, cracks in pool shell, cracks in skimmer boxes, hoes through pool shell, porous grout holes in liners in liner pool, osmosis in fibre glass pool shell, spider gaskets on filters, mechanical seal on pool pumps, holes in filters and the list goes on.

It is not uncommon to find more than one leak in a pool, as they can start slowly and you don’t notice them, then you get a more major leak, which you have to address.

For this reason we have a range of specialist tools to help us track it down.

The equipment we use in tracking a leak ranges from a simple dye syringe, to compressors for breathing and pressurising, ground microphones to listen to what is happening below ground outside the pool, pool scope to listen to what is happening under water, inside the pool Electronic detection for liner and fibre glass pools and camera’s for exploring inside the plumbing network.

We generally ask a number of questions before we attend the pool and may even get you to run a couple of simple tests prior to our arrival in order to establish a starting point.

Detection is really a process of elimination using the specialist equipment we have. The questions and tests help us eliminate a number of the possibilities, which speeds the process, which in turn reduces costs.

Once the leak is identified and located we can get you a price for repair which will be in addition to the detection cost unless it is a simple fix, in which case we would do it while there.

The more major repairs are scheduled for another day.

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