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Leak Detection

There is a whole range of possible causes for leaks in swimming pools and they can vary depending on the pool type.

A common cause for leaks are broken or unglued joints on plumbing pipes both above ground and underground. Penetrations through the pool shell, light conduits, housing mounts, dress rings, and main drain buckets.

Other areas that often cause problems are hydrostatic valves, cracks in pool shells & skimmer boxes, and osmosis in fibre glass shells. Liner pools can produce tears, deep holes & porous grout in different areas.

Common leak areas on all pools can be in spider gaskets on filters, mechanical seals on pool pumps, holes in filters, and the list goes on!

It is not uncommon to find more than one leak in a pool. Several smaller leaks can result in the appearance of one major leak which must be addressed.

We generally will ask you several questions before our initial visit to your pool. We may also ask you to run a couple of simple tests to help us eliminate a few of the above leak possibilities. This helps establish a starting point for our technicians, which in turn speeds up the process and reduces costs for you.

We use a wide range of technology to help detect your leak(s). This equipment includes dye testers, air compressors, ground microphones, pool water scopes, listening electronic devices, and photo & video enabled underground and underwater cameras. Our equipment allows our technicians to listen, see, and understand what is happening below ground, underwater, in the pool, under the pool, and inside all of the plumbing.

Once the leak is identified and specifically located, we can quote you a price for the repair. If it’s a simple fix, we can do it then & there and add it to your initial detection fee. If a more major repair is required, it will be scheduled for another day at your convenience.

To enable our technicians to work as efficiently and effectively as possible, please ensure your pool is full and clean. It must be chemically balanced for swimming. Please be aware that if our technicians need to return due to the pool not being full, clean, and swimmable, charges will apply.

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