Dispute Resolution Inspections

From time to time, problems can arise between businesses, their customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Most can be resolved quickly and efficiently with a common sense approach.

As a consumer, to maximise the chances of a successful dispute resolution you need to:

  • Ask for documentary evidence to verify the facts.
  • Negotiate face to face in a calm and professional manner.
  • Understand your legal obligations - consult relevant laws and regulations.
  • If you reach a stalemate, refer back to your state fair trading agency.

  • Each fair trading agency can provide information to consumers to help resolve marketplace disputes. If you're unable to reach agreement, lodging a complaint through the relevant state or territory authority. is the next step. They can act as an informal negotiator.
    The pool-leaks, as a peak industry association, offers three levels of support to aid in effective and efficient resolution of disputes regarding windows and their installation. These services are only available for pool-leaks members or where consumers are in dispute with Pool-leaks Members.

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